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This coupon is only valid in contiguous US states and the District of Columbia.

Bluedeck Grill & Bar
Discount Coupon Platinum
Use at cashier
May not use with other benefits
Other restrictions apply – ask restaurant staff
Rules are up to arbitrary interpretation by Bluedeck Inc.
For orders exceeding $299
Expires right before you can use it
❤️❤️❤️Get a small disco fries for $1!! Offers available at participating McDonald's near you. While supplies last. Sales tax not included.
A processing fee of $30 may be assessed upon the processing of this coupon depending on the state. Processing fee is not refundable. Processing fees will apply in all contiguous US states and the District of Columbia. Hawaii and Alaska are exempted from this fee but that's because there's no Bluedeck bar there. This information is subject to further revision without notice. Fuck you. Before using this coupon, always ask an employee on site for more information. The said employee may not respond to your inquiries. You acknowledge that you're solely responsible for the use and misuse of this coupon. You agree that if you die or get seriously injured in a bar either because of our fault or not, we won't be responsible and you won't press charges. We reserve the right to ask you leave as we see fit, regardless of your reservation status. If you refuse to leave we may drag you out of the bar. The face value of this discount coupon may not be accurate. Food, drink and even ice cubes maybe infested by E. coli. and/or other pathogens that may or may not be deadly. You acknowledge that you're solely responsible for the ingestion of deadly food and/or drink available at our bar. The above content is copyrighted by Bluedeck Inc. Copyright infringement is punishable by being administered food at our bar.


存在其他限制 – 详讯餐厅工作人员
❤️❤️❤️ 吉士汉堡凭券仅售八元! 本优惠请在附近麦当劳餐厅享用。数量有限售完即止。不含税。